David Rockne Corrigan discusses the growing trend toward green burials.
June 14, 2019 - 11:27

Steve Paikin

The Liberals have chosen to stick to their usual system for picking their new leader, even though a majority of members oppose it. What will that mean for the party’s future?  

They say that a week is a lifetime in politics — and a lot has happened over the past two lifetimes. Here’s what to watch for at the Liberals’ annual general meeting this weekend.

For decades, experts have thought up ways to improve the most important hour of the day at Queen’s Park. Henry Jacek is one of them.  

The climb-down on cuts to municipal public-health budgets may signal a change in approach for the Progressive Conservative government.

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get worse for the Liberals, they did. Here’s why  

What's on This Week

  • Mon
    Jun 17
    Goodbye Peel Region? Farewell North Pole?
    Should Mississauga be an independent city that's no longer a part of Peel Region? Mayor Bonnie Crombie thinks so. The Agenda welcomes her to make the case. Then, Brampton mayor Patrick Brown on why separating from Peel would create more problems than it would solve. And, exploring the North Pole and its relevance to Canada.
  • Tue
    Jun 18
    Increasing Ontario's Housing Supply; The Case for Science
    The Agenda welcomes Ontario's Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, to outline the details of Bill 108 - legislation designed to tackle the province's housing crisis. Then, a panel of experts discuss how the bill will affect municipalities and their residents. And, why much of the trust and authority in science has eroded and what scientist must do to push back.
  • Wed
    Jun 19
    A World Without Meat?; The State of Statins
    The Agenda looks in to the dramatic growth of plant-based foods and whether they have the power to go from niche to mainstream. Then, weighing the benefits and the risks associated with statins as a treatment for cardiac disease.
  • Thu
    Jun 20
    Premier Ford's One-Year Anniversary
    It's been one year since Doug Ford and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives won power. The Agenda examines the highs and the lows and how the government might handle the next three years of its majority mandate. And, Finance Minister Vic Fedeli shares what it's been like minding the province's finances.
  • Fri
    Jun 21
    Indigenous Resilience; Ontario Hubs; The Agenda's Week
    Activist and artist Sarain Fox discusses how a new generation is learning cultural resilience. Ontario Hubs journalists discuss stories from around the province. And, The Agenda reviews its week of programming.