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Syrian Refugees in Northern Ontario

In 2017, the Alsalamat family fled civil war in Syria arriving in Sault Ste. Marie as refugees. Since then, there's been plenty of change in their lives: A new language, new schools, new jobs. Nearly three years later - the family couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Ontario Hubs field producer Jeyan Jeganathan hears their story of flight, arrival, and settlement.
January 22, 2020 - 8:01

Steve Paikin

At an event this week, three of Canada’s most prominent former MPs peeled back the curtain on the realities of being a woman in politics.
ANALYSIS: Debates about debates are a great Canadian pastime. So let’s talk about who should be up on that stage and who shouldn’t.
ANALYSIS: Last week, members of the debate commission and an advisory committee met to discuss how the federal English-language debate went. The verdict? Not very well.  
ANALYSIS: The federal Conservatives are a unique coalition of disparate interest groups. Which candidate can bring them all together?
By delaying its leadership contest, the party could have had a bigger — and better — field of candidates

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