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6:29 PM


Anne visits Ada at Magnus Tech where she meets Magnus 22.

6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
Ella and the kids enter a kite flying contest as TEAM FRIENDSHIP. Good intentions melt away when the kite building turns to bickering. As the contest approaches the team has a falling out. Ella rallies to rebuild the kites and friendship and leads the team to victory.
6:15 AM
When Doki shares Oto and Anabella's bubble-gum blowing pictures online, a Wec friend says it reminds him of the bubbles the worms make in Waitomo, New Zealand. Doki is amazed , why would a worm blow bubbles? With Gabi's own pet worm Lancelot in tow, they set off to find out! In New Zealand, Doki, Gabi, Mundi and Anabella explore a glow-worm cave, while Fico and Oto worm-sit. But Fico decides to take Lancelot 'zorbing' (a hill-rolling sport) and the worm ends up stuck in a kiwi bird's burrow! Will the glow-worms inspire a solution before Lancelot becomes a kiwi snack? --- While touring Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Team meets Doki's doppelganger, an astronaut named Duncan. Doki excitedly asks - what does it take to be an astronaut? Duncan gives them the chance to find out! But while getting a taste of astronaut training, Doki is mistaken for Duncan, and mistakenly sent to space! Oto must fly the plane-rocket to rendezvous with this mission gone wrong, to save Doki and safely complete the mission. Doki realizes that he may not have the astronaut knowledge yet - but he does have courage and resourcefulness. And that's a good start!
6:37 AM
Opie's Home
Opie and Dad are making Mom breakfast in bed, but he has a very hard time staying quiet. Just when the breakfast surprise seems ruined, Opie learns that it's the thought that counts.
6:45 AM
Now You Know
At the park, Howie and Baboo visit snail expert Daisy who shows them banded garden snails and a giant African land snail, and explains why snails produce slime.
6:52 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack and Lily take different paths to Zerby Town Marsh. When they get there they can't see each other. The Zerbies can talk to each other with their radios, but they still have to find each other. Lily tries honking her horn for Zack to find her, but the noise echoes, making it hard for Zack to figure out where it's coming from. Lily tries shaking a tree, but the only tree that's small enough for her to shake is too small for Zack to see. Finally, they hit upon the idea of using something they can both see (an old, dead tree) to drive towards until they find each other.
6:59 AM
Odd Squad
The conclusion of how Olive goes undercover in a high-stakes Rock, Paper, Scissors game to win back secret Odd Squad documents.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
A huge monkey follows the Paw Patrol home, because it wants Rocky to scratch its back.
7:27 AM
Imogen loves to play the ukulele.
7:30 AM
Wild Kratts
When the Wild Kratts head out looking for Black bears, Aviva keeps seeing a fleeting glimpse of what she thinks is a ghostly white bear. The gang soon realizes that they have stumbled across the rare Spirit Bear of the Northern Pacific. But celebration turns to dismay when they encounter new villain, Ms. Paisley Paver, CEO of Pave Nature Incorporated, and discover her plans to turn the island into a Mega Storage facility.
7:57 AM
Bitz and Bob
Roll up, Roll up, because it's Circus Time on Faraway Island and everyone can't wait to show off their amazing acts. Bob is the great Robo-Bobino, the world's first robot tightrope walker, except he has never tried tight-rope walking before, so while Bevel puts him through his paces, Bitz and Purl need to think of a way to make his brilliant act, brilliantly safe.
8:08 AM
You Can Do It Too
We're putting toy safety nets to the test with our mini tight rope. But which will be more suitable, kitchen roll, tin foil or fabric? Our friends are on hand to assess the suitability of each material.
8:12 AM
16 Hudson
When Sam breaks the rules, he blames it on his dog Lucy but then puts Lucy in a bad predicament.
8:20 AM
What's the Big Idea?
When Hugo is sleeping, he dreams a lot, about flying with dragons and racing with cheetahs. But even when he's awake, he daydreams he can bounce super high in the sky. Hugo wonders what dreams really are, and how do we know they're not real?
8:25 AM
GBB: Jolly Reader
Pirate Gisele sails the seven seas with her motley puppet crew as they explore literacy building blocks. Spelling, Rhyming, phonics, sign reading, and critical thinking are all explored in this fun adventure series. In this episode O'Spelly tries to figure out why people will not do what she asks. Concentration on the meaning of ,NO, NOW, and PLEASE, and also teaches us about manners.
8:30 AM
Splash and Bubbles
When Splash joins Bubbles, Dunk, and Ripple for a sleepover in the Sandy Bed, they discover that Splash doesn't sleep much; after unsuccessfully trying to help him, they learn that "schooling fish" don't need as much sleep.
8:42 AM
Space Racers
While Eagle and Hawk lug crates of empty Fizzy Fuel Pop bottles down to the recycling center in the basement, they chat animatedly about the big upcoming return performance by the Rooster Rockets. In his excitement, Hawk executes a whirly Rooster move, igniting his afterburner - which accidentally seals the metal door shut. Despite their best efforts the door won't budge, and no one's receiving their radio signals from the deep underground room. And there's no other way out! Hoping someone will realize they're missing and come looking for them, they reminisce about other goofs and blunders from the past, which we see in flashback. Eventually Hawk and Eagle realize they need to save themselves... so they try to tap on an exhaust vent until Coot hears it up above. Rescued!
8:54 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Charlie loves food. He wonders what it would be like to be a chef and run his own restaurant. Charlie would make great tasting food using all kinds of different ingredients and spices. Healthy food is fun. Charlie's best costumers would be Danny the Dragon and his dragon friends. They would order Dragon lasagnas with lots of spinach, and ice cream sundaes for dessert!
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
Jake and Chase go deep cave spelunking when Jake ends up getting his ankle stuck between some fallen rocks! Ryder, Rubble with his new JACKHAMMER, and Marshall with his new FIRST MEDICAL RESPONSE GEAR need to get to the cave right away and save Jake! --- Adventure Bay Parade Day goes awry when Alex puts too many balloons on Katie's bathtub float. It literally ,floats, away, and with Cali and Chickaletta inside!
9:23 AM
The Shutterbugs are shocked to discover the daily paper hasn't been delivered, and worse yet, the paper boy (Skeeter) is nowhere to be found!
9:36 AM
Rob the Robot
The crew is getting ready to train for the Intergalactic Space-A-Lympics and everyone is gung ho to hit the track and field...everyone except Orbit. He's not very good at sports. The crew promise to coach him so he can join in and they head to the Sports Planet. Although they try to help him and he gives the track and field events his best shot, Orbit just can't cut it. However Orbit ends up discovering he has a special skill all his own - one that comes in very handy in the end.
9:49 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave deliver a big box to Speedy Sheep. The box is full of surprise parcels and it's up to Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave to work out who they are for and how to deliver them.
10:00 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Grunty's always saying funny things, so when she says she's seen something very unusual, Farmer John isn't sure whether she's making it up. Miffy has faith in her friend though, and together they discover that sometimes real life is even stranger than make-believe!
10:07 AM
Tee & Mo
Mo loves playing the piano, Tee wants to help Mo play the piano too... This could lead to some interesting music!
10:14 AM
Bing and Flop hear the familiar jingle of Gilly's ice cream van and race across the park to find her. After a long run Bing finally gets his ice cream but as he waves goodbye to Gilly he tips the ice cream out of the cone. It's too late to call Gilly back so Flop makes a fruit cone out of the cone and some of his fruit kebab instead.
10:22 AM
The ants are working together perfectly. But there is one ant who is doing everything differently.
10:26 AM
The battery of a toy robot loses power. Lejo comes to help and changes the battery.
10:28 AM
Yeti Tales
Nina asked Leon to come to the bookstore dressed up like a pirate, she has a surprise for him. Since he loves BOTH pirates and dinosaurs, Yetili will read...the Piratosaur.
10:36 AM
Grandpa takes Zou, Elzee and Zak to the beach to do some fishing. Uncle Zavier and Zinnia have had the same idea. But in spite of all his fancy equipment, Zavier doesn't catch any fish. Zou and his friends have much more luck using their fishing nets in the rock pools.
10:48 AM
Zinnia and her family have come back from a visit to a ,Winter Games Spectacular,. Zou decides that he'd like to take part in one of these, so they create their own games in the snow!
10:59 AM
Opie's Home
Opie wants to be a bigger boy, just like his neighbour Gavin. But when he tries to do something that's beyond his capabilities, he realizes that some things will just have to wait until he's a little bit bigger.
11:07 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack joins Bob the Boat and Fran the Ferry as they explore a new bay of Zerby Town Lake. Flynn the float plane wants to join them but they need to find a spot for him to land. Zack picks out a spot on the ground, but Flynn needs water to land - he's a float plane. The next spot they pick is too small and the --- Strut his happily digging a hole around himself when he realizes that he's dug down too deep to get back out. Zack, Rex and the other construction Zerbies try, try again to help Strut get out of the hole, but the problem is, when a Zerby needs lifting up, it's usually Strut who they call. What do they do when it's Strut that needs the lift? First, Fill the Front Loader tries pouring dirt down into the hole so Strut can make a ramp, but there isn't enough room for Strut to get out of the way and the dirt ends up on his roof. Next, Sandy the bulldozer tries to pull Strut out, but she can only pull him sideways against the edge of the hole. Finally, Zack notices a tree branch above Strut. Throwing his hook over the branch, Strut is able to pull himself up and out of the hole. --- Zack, Axle and some other Zerbies decide they all want their own long driveways and roads. But when the roads start crossing over each other and getting confusing they try, try again to come up with a better way to organize the town. Their first solution is to put everyone's garage far enough away so that no one's road goes over anyone elses. But the Zerbies end up so far away from each other that they decide there must be another way. Zack and Axle realize that if everyone shares a main street then they can each have their own short road - their driveway - and a big shared road - Main Street.
11:27 AM
Are You Ready?
Our friend shows us how he makes his bed every morning.
11:30 AM
Now You Know
Howie the knight plays Sir Asksalot, and invites Baboo the dragon to share a cookie. In reality, they're playing with puppets, and wonder, ,How are puppets made?, They visit puppet builder Robin at a local puppet shop. Where she shows them different types of puppets from around the world and together they make a hand puppet.
11:37 AM
Dino Dan
When Hannah and Trek take an after school art class with Hannah's Dad, Trek decides to use sculpture to see just how different dino footprints can be.
11:49 AM
Splash and Bubbles
After putting some Asterina starfish in the Kelp Forest where they don't belong, Splash, Ripple, and Tidy must get rid of them before the starfish eat all of the kelp.
12:02 PM
Paw Patrol
Alex loses his first tooth... then really loses it. He can't find it anywhere! The Paw Patrol is hot on the tooth's trail as it gets bounced, flown, and swatted around all over Adventure Bay. Everyone's determined to find it before the Tooth Fairy comes tonight.
12:14 PM
The Floogals must learn the difficult task of assembling the Girl Hooman's jigsaw puzzle when they inadvertently scatter its many pieces on the floor - working out that a birds-eye view gives you the "big picture" and working in a team wins the day.
12:27 PM
The Shutterbugs are sent to greet and get the scoop on the new bug in town, Sally Stickbug. But there's only one problem; Sally's nowhere to be found! --- The Shutterbugs are sent to get the scoop on Professor Eunice's latest museum exhibit, but discovery and even bigger story; the exhibit has gone missing and Professor Eunice is a jittery mess!
12:51 PM
With Olympia out sick, her partner Otis steps in.
12:53 PM
Can You Imagine That!
Veronica wants to be a professional dancer and become part of a dance company. Veronica would train and practice to become a good dancer. She would perform with the other dancers in her company all around the world. Veronica could jazz dance, tap and even hip hop - but her favourite dance would be ballet!
12:58 PM
Top of the Tops
Top 5 Great Explorers 5- Christopher Columbus 4- John Cabot 3- Vasco De Gama 2- Ferdinand Magellan 1- Jacques Cartier
1:01 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Tweet becomes Princess Tweet for the day. At first she enjoys being spoilt by her royal helpers Ruff-Ruff and Dave, but when they start planning a royal show, she realizes she can have more fun taking part.
1:12 PM
Mr. Moon
Mr Moon and Silva learn tricks from Sirius, and Silva deals with jealousy.
1:25 PM
Bing sees Coco with a plaster (bandaid) on her finger and of course he wants one too. In the absence of a real plaster, Bing makes one out of sticky tape, but it's so sticky that it hurts when he tries to take it off. Bing doesn't want Flop to help so Flop comes up with a new game so that Bing can do it himself.
1:33 PM
Zou and Grandpa are painting the garage. They run out of paint with only a little spot left to finish. Rather than buying a whole new pot, they'll ask Elzee's mum for some. They find her and Elzee in the park with two friends. A slight accident with their canvas, ends up with Zou having a wonderful painting to place on the garage wall instead
1:44 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
There's a new pool opened up by the beach, and Miffy and her friends are all enjoying a splash-about. All apart from Dan, that is - but why not?
1:51 PM
Are You Ready?
Watch our friend feed her pet all by herself.
1:54 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Henry meets a friendly Football. She is super excited about everything, especially when they meet two Football Boots wanting a football match. Henry becomes a Referee for the day helps keep the Boots in check and decide who is the best after all. The mighty Reds or the Classic Blues!
1:59 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
A pair of binoculars washes up on the beach and on Driftwood Bay, Lily uses them to spot that Hatsie is in trouble out at sea. Being a proud hen, it takes Hatsie some time to realise that even the most heroic rescue hens need help sometimes!
2:07 PM
Rob the Robot
When the friends discover a giant bone floating in outer space, they decide to travel to the Museum Planet to discover where it came from. They discover all kinds of amazing and wonderful things on the Museum Planet but also discover that someone is after their giant bone!
2:19 PM
Zerby Derby
Zack comes upon Axle who is struggling to drive up a hill with a large flag that he made. Axle's tires aren't very good at gripping the dirt. Zack's tires are very grippy but he doesn't have enough power to climb the hill with Axle's big flag. They call the strongest Zerby they know, Rex. But Rex can't climb the hill either, because he's a heavy truck and even all his power isn't enough to make it up the hill. Sandy the bulldozer comes by and the Zerbies learn that not only are Bulldozers super powerful, but the caterpillar treads grip the dirt even better than wheels. Sandy not only carries the flag to the top of the hill, but tows up Axle, Zack and Rex as well.
2:26 PM
Box Yourself Minis
Øistein makes a funny bear clock from paper plates.
2:30 PM
Hi Opie!
Opie is worried that he broke Jackson's magic balloon during a science lesson on static electricity.
2:37 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker makes a brilliant picture with cotton buds, shows how to make a hilarious pine cone pet and transforms tin foil into terrific treasure. Guess the answer to today's shape puzzle and watch 'The Mister Maker Kid's' build a brilliant picture that's out of this world.
2:56 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave fly off to the jungle to pick bananas. It's clear someone in the jungle like bananas as much as Dave, as the bananas keep disappearing! Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave have to track down the banana-loving-cheeky friend Bobby the Monkey - and share their bananas.
3:07 PM
Space Racers
AVA misses her old friend QUESTY, the computer system on the inactive Quest One Space Station, so Hawk decides to take her there for a visit. Once aboard the station, QUESTY is overjoyed to hear AVA's voice again! While Hawk naps, the two computer programs chatter away and catch up on all the latest gossip. But when a bubble of hot plasma erupts off the Sun and sprays solar particles into space, they wash over the station and trigger a weird technical anomaly: R 14 both AVA and QUESTY are somehow merged together inside Hawk's head. At first he tries to make the best of it... but their endless yammering keeps him awake at night, distracts him at work and play, and generally drives poor Hawk crazy. Finally he just can't take it anymore, and regretfully enlists Coot's help to separate the two programs from his aching brain.
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
The Sea Patrol has to rescue Carlos and Tracker, when they get stranded on an island in the search for buried treasure. Unbeknownst to them, a long-gone pirate hypnotized the animals into protecting the treasure and Carlos gets carried off in a treasure chest.
3:44 PM
Ollie & Moon
When Stanley comes down with the Snail Sniffles, Ollie and Moon want to help him feel better, so they take him to his Grandma's house for a bowl of her super-comforting soup, which turns out to be a tougher - and wetter - job than any of them imagined!
3:57 PM
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo can't wait to grow up so he drive cars, watch scary movies, and do whatever he wants! But he soon learns that grown ups don't always have the freedom to play like kids do.
4:03 PM
Odd Squad
In the middle of summer, Olive and Otto must figure out why parts of the town are turning snowy and cold.
4:17 PM
Waffle the Wonder Dog
AJ is taking Evie and Anaya swimming. Waffle is desperate to go too but dogs aren't allowed at the pool. He must stay at home with Simon. Poor Waffle refuses to miss out on the fun and while Simon is busy composing a new song on his guitar, Waffle slips out on a quest to catch up with Evie. His departure is caught on camera by spying Mrs Hobbs. En route to the pool, Waffle is distracted by a shop's window display. It's full of slippers - Waffle's favourite! Meanwhile at home, Simon realises Waffle is missing. He wonders if Waffle went through the tunnel in the utility room to Mrs Hobbs' house next door. Simon crawls through the tunnel to find out, only to be caught by Mrs Hobbs. She's furious to discover that all this time, Waffle's been using the tunnel to go in and out of her house. What's more, Mrs Hobbs tells Simon she saw Waffle wandering off down the road, earlier, on his own! Simon hurriedly sets off to find Waffle, still wearing his dressing gown and with his guitar on his back! As Waffle did earlier, Simon passes the shop and he too is distracted by its window display. Simon stops off for a quick browse. When he catches sight of shop mannequins sporting swimwear, Simon realises Waffle must be looking for Evie at the swimming pool! As AJ, Anaya and Evie exit the pool they're surprised and delighted to see Waffle. Clever Waffle used his nose to sniff out Evie's trail! Not far behind is a breathless Simon. Finally, they are all reunited and Simon shares his new song. It's all about... swimming!
4:30 PM
D.W. and Bud embark on an epic wilderness adventure! Dense jungles, jagged peaks, mystical ruins...the backyard has never been so exciting! --- Apple picking, bake sales, craft classes...there's so much to do in Elwood City in the fall! And Ladonna's determined to do it all. But when you're juggling so much at once, you're bound to drop a ball...or five...
4:58 PM
Big Top Academy
Nicholas is determined to figure out what his amulet is trying to tell him. New roommates Phoenix and April are not getting along; while Ella struggles to make friends. Luckily her sister Celeste helps her realize Big Top Academy will soon feel like home.
5:21 PM
Wild Kratts
While on a mission to explore the creature powers of the chickadee - and to discover why such a little bird can make it through the toughest winters - Martin and Chris get separated. While Chris makes it back to the Tortuga with his chickadee findings, Martin encounters an ermine. With the help of this little weasel, Martin also learns what it takes to survive in this harsh environment.
5:48 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Malik loves hockey and so does his grandfather. Malik makes something that he can play with his hockey loving grandfather and that will also allow his grandfather to exercise his lungs. Bondini, Super Mighty Maker Holly & Malik craft the "Super Slapshot".
6:01 PM
Finding Stuff Out
The Big Question: HOW DO YOU MAKE THINGS GO FASTER? Theme: Force and friction have a lot to do with how fast an object or a person can move. When you increase force and adjust friction, you've got greater speed. And if you have quick reaction time, like table tennis players, you're on your way to a fast victory.
6:27 PM
Space Trek
Star ship Commander Captain Kent explains why a year is 365 days on Earth and a different amount of time on Mercury and Neptune.
6:29 PM
Anne visits Ada at Magnus Tech where she meets Magnus 22 (Ada's artificially intelligent computer) and Cleaner X1956, a cleaner robot Ada wants to retire. Meanwhile, Shania plays tag with the androids at the junkyard and Nick works on his chores at home. To avoid getting tagged, Pidgely and Eyes escape to Nick's house and make a mess. Luckily Anne brought Cleaner X1956 home to save it from retirement and, to help out, Cleaner X1956 cleans Nick's house and paints a beautiful picture. In the end, the kids give Cleaner X1956 a new name ("Art") and welcome their new friend to the junkyard.