6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
Ella is picked to be the safety sheriff on the playground. She gets to wear a shiny badge and enforce the playground rules. At recess she learns that it's a pretty big responsibility keeping the playground safe especially when nobody listens to her. Belinda says Ella's too nice to be the safety sheriff...she needs to be more bossy. When a child gets hurt on the playground, Ella is forced to change her approach. There's a new safety sheriff in town and she's got a magic hat.
6:15 AM
Fico is excited when a package arrives from MUMBAI, INDIA. But instead of the 'dholki' drum he ordered, Fico has been sent a talking mynah bird in a cage! Realizing that a mistake has been made, the Team decides to return the bird to its owner. But how? All they have to go on are some chattered clues from the bird. But what does 'Bollywood' mean? As they search for the bird's owner, the Team explores a Mumbai market, crosses paths with a 'dabbawalla' and ultimately ends up in a Mumbai movie studio. --- It's sandfly season, and the only place to get away from their bites is out in Lake Weewannanoh. Oto thinks they need a floating clubhouse... but how do you build a floating house? Luckily, a club member named Omar is building a floating house right now. He invites the Team down to LAKE TITICACA, BOLIVIA, to see for themselves! There, the Team helps Omar build a traditional reed house, atop a floating island which is ALSO made of totora reeds. But when Oto and Mundi experiment with a reed-harvesting device, will anything be left afloat?
6:37 AM
Ping and Friends
Pong and Trix are kind to help Matilda out as she is not satisfied with her performance. Later on, realizing that Ping thinks she has been replaced, the others go to find her and tell her how important she is and how much she is needed. A misunderstanding that is cleared up.
6:45 AM
Tee & Mo
A day out at the park shows Tee that there is more fun sharing the playground rides with his friends than there is always going first.
6:52 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack and Axle find a bridge make out of sticks that crosses a small gap. The bridge, held up by two long sticks, can support Axle's weight, but when Zack tries to cross, it breaks. They call Mika the mechanic to help them make a new bridge. They build one with 3 sticks which holds up Zack just fine, but when Mika tries to cross, it breaks under her heavier weight. Finally they build a bridge with 4 sticks that can hold up even Mika. But when Sandy the Bulldozer comes along, they realize they are going to have to build one more.
6:59 AM
Odd Squad
When one of Oscar's Oscarbots turns evil and gets loose, Olive and Otto are the only ones who can stop him.
7:13 AM
Top of the Tops
Top 3 True or False quiz about Cold 3- water 2- teeth 1- catching a cold
7:16 AM
Paw Patrol
Mr. Porter's drone delivery system goes berserk when he loses the remote control.
7:28 AM
Yuvraj loves taekwondo.
7:31 AM
Wild Kratts
While checking out the endangered Giant panda, the Wild Kratts get stranded in the bamboo forests of China without their, vehicles or equipment. They must figure out how to 'power up' in time to help save the pandas, who are being turned into roboticized stuffed toys by the nefarious villain, Zach Varmitech. An 'ancient panda secret' just might lead to the creature power that will restart their engines and save the pandas.
7:58 AM
When Ladonna befriends a new member of the Mighty Mountain soccer team, Francine becomes convinced she is leaking top secret team info. --- The City Council has voted to close the Elwood City Library! Can Sue Ellen save the library before it's too late?
8:24 AM
Raven's Quest
Jerome is a 9-year-old Cree boy from Timmins, Ontario. Jerome comes from a hunting family and shows us all around his grandpa's hunting lodge. He explains how his people eat the food they gather from hunting. Jerome loves to play hockey no matter what time of year it is!
8:32 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Splash, Dunk and Bubbles spend the day with Tidy, the Garibaldi Fish, as "kelp forest keepers." Tidy's desire to have everything "just so" conflicts with Bubbles, Dunk and Splash's desire to have fun exploring the kelp forest.
8:44 AM
Space Racers
Eagle, Hawk and Raven resent doing ,all the hard work, around the school while the teachers seemingly have it easy. Robyn's not so sure about that... but she can't stop Eagle and gang from complaining to Headmaster Crane. Amused by their protests, he offers a proposal: each of them can take the place of an adult for one day, and judge for themselves. Eagle quickly agrees to replace Crane, while Hawk will take Coot's place and Raven will do Coach Pigeon's job. It isn't long before they realize that appearances can be deceiving, as each cadet struggles to fill the wheels of their older and more experienced counterparts. Okay, they admit it: the life of an adult rocket is just as hard as the life of a cadet. Once they've come to terms with that, it's time to do some damage control...
8:57 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Sebastian loves dogs. He imagines what it would be like to be a dog trainer. He would train different working dogs, like police dogs to sniff out clues, and seeing-eye dogs to help guide people who can't see. Sebastian would even have his own super trained dog, who could juggle, surf and even make waffles. YUM!
9:02 AM
Paw Patrol
Rubble decides to nap under Farmer Yumi's tree, when suddenly Adventure Bay gets a HUGE problem - Alex the Giant! Ryder and the pups have to keep Giant Alex busy so he doesn't innocently cause any more damage, and get him back up his beanstalk. --- When Cap'n Turbot needs to get a picture of the rare Blue Footed Booby Bird his French cousin, Francois, decides to help but gets caught on a cliff! It's up to the PAW Patrol to rescue him and bring the two cousins together again.
9:26 AM
Panic sets in when the Shutterbugs discover the town's dam has sprung a leak, threatening to flood Murky Marsh!
9:38 AM
Rob the Robot
Rob and the gang set off for the Music Planet to prepare for the big Intergalactic Music Talent Show. With Rob, TK and Orbit going to town getting down their own personal music stylings, Ema finds herself in a real flap. The contest is only one day away and she doesn't know how to play ANY instruments at all!
9:50 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave become police helpers for the day to keep their countryside friends safe. With a whistle, notebook and police radio at the ready, they rush to emergencies in their Rollypods, flashing lights and sirens blaring! Penny Hen and Speedy Sheep are shown some important road safety rules; Baby Calf is kept safe by keeping the cow pen gate closed and the mystery of Littlest Bunny's missing cuddly carrot is solved.
10:02 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy finds a dripping tap, and Daddy's attempts to fix it - despite Miffy's warnings! - almost lead to a watery disaster. Boris saves the day, but will Daddy learn his lesson?
10:09 AM
Tee & Mo
Tee accidently marks Mo's newly cleaned carpet. Uh oh!
10:16 AM
Bing and Sula are playing a vooshing game with their favourite toys, Hoppity Voosh and Hippo Fairy. They throw them into the air to see how high they can fly - Voooooosh! Uh-oh...Sula's hippo gets stuck in a tree so Bing throws Hoppity up to save her, only for Hoppity to get stuck too.
10:23 AM
Are You Ready?
Our friend shows us how he get ready for bed all by himself.
10:28 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Lily and Dad have fun flying Dad's little toy wooden plane, and over on Driftwood Bay there is great excitement as Lord Stag makes plans to fly off the Great North Cliff! Bull gets more than he bargained for when he gives Lord Stag a hand.
10:35 AM
When Zou breaks a vase belonging to Nanna, Grandpa tries to help him fix it. It doesn't work, so they go to 'Zebroutique' to buy another. On the way home, they break that one too! What will they do? With a little help from Elzee's mum, Zou makes a brand new one using pieces from both vases and Nanna loves it!
10:47 AM
Grandpa finds a time capsule that Zou's Dad had buried when he was young. This gives Zou the idea of making a time capsule of his very own.
10:59 AM
Ping and Friends
When Pong is scared of a storm, Ping uses the sounds of the thunder and wind in a piece of music to make him feel better.
11:06 AM
Zerby Derby
Axle is very proud of the big circle race track he and the other racing Zerbies have constructed. But when it looks like rain they go to Mika the Mechanic to help them come up with a way to cover their course. Mika covers the course with a large canvas, but there's no room for the racers to race underneath. They try putting up a big stick in the middle, and that helps a bit, but there is still a lot of canvas covering the course. But when Mika pulls on the edge of the canvas to find out what Zack and Axle are talking about - they all realize that pulling the edges will make a perfect tent. Once they've pulled it and tied it down there's lots of room underneath for racing, rain or shine. --- Lily and Zack are driving along in the early morning when they find Bob the Boat beached up on the shore. Bob tells them that it was so dark last night that he couldn't find his boat house. With the help of Mika the Mechanic they place a lighthouse on Zerby Town Pier so he can see his way at night. But when they come to test it out they find where you put light is very important. They aim it at the shore, but all Bob can see is the bush it's hitting. They try again, this time aiming the light right at Bob, which doesn't help either. They find that the lighthouse works perfect if it's aiming right at Bob's boathouse. --- Sandy the Bulldozer joins Zack and Lily for a game of hide-and-seek. Zack and Lily are very surprised at how good Sandy is at hiding. But they soon discover Sandy's tracks, which they hope to follow to her hiding spot. When the tracks go over a rock they figure out to search the other side of the rock to find them again. When the tracks go into tall grass they learn to look for grass that's pushed over, and when they encounter tracks all over the place they search for other clues in order to find Sandy.
11:26 AM
I'm a Fish
The Starfish shows us how they walk, see and eat, and all without bones to hold them up.
11:28 AM
Kiera loves her hamster.
11:30 AM
Now You Know
Fairytale Baboo plants magic seeds that grow into a huge beanstalk that carries him up to the giant, Howie. In reality, they wonder, "How do plants grow?" and visit botanist Paul at the Allan Gardens greenhouse to observe the different types of plant, and learn how a seed uses soil, water and sunlight to grow into a plant.
11:37 AM
Dino Dana
The conclusion to this two-part special, Dana creates an elaborate board game called the Game of Bones that brings out the competitive side of her family as she explains what happened when a meteorite ended the reign of the dinosaurs.
11:49 AM
Bitz and Bob
Bitz, Purl and Bob are on a treasure hunt on Faraway Island with the help of an old map, and find a huge chest full of yummy chocolate coins. Unfortunately Pirate Bevelbeard and his ship dudes Zip and Pop appear unexpectedly, grabbing the treasure and also Purl, and taking them back to their pirate ship. Bitz needs to work out how they can get on-board the ship and rescue Purl and the chocolate coins!
12:00 PM
You Can Do It Too
Padoing! We're turning cardboard tubes, elastic bands and pencils into paper ball launchers. The more energy stored, the further the paper will launch.
12:04 PM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Humdinger decides he needs a bigger TV, and one of the biggest ones he knows of is already on wheels - in the Paw Patroller. His kittens, The Katatrophe Crew, hop behind the wheel and drive it away Ryder and the pups, including ROBO-DOG, run down the big rig, but when the gas pedal gets stuck, the chase becomes a rescue!
12:17 PM
An ice cube lands on the kitchen floor on a hot summer day, the Floogals Investigate, leading to an adventure that includes speed skating and scaling the monolithic refrigerator.
12:28 PM
Paris loves tea parties.
12:30 PM
Dinosaur Train
The Conductor takes the Pteranodon family on a very special journey on a new invention - the Drill Engine Train - in search of the perfect spot for a new Underground Dinosaur Train Station! Don is THRILLED to be venturing into the BIGGEST HOLE THE EARTH HAS EVER KNOWN! Shiny is nervous to be underground, until they meet a new friend (a Mesozoic Mole named NATASHA NECROLESTES), who teaches them all about the different layers of the Earth. --- As the Pteranodon Family continues their journey underground, Don accidentally breaks Buddy's trilobite fossil (the oldest fossil in his collection!) When the search for another trilobite fossil turns up empty, their new friend Natasha Necrolestes takes them to Fossil Alley, where the kids learn that the older the fossil, the deeper underground it is.
12:56 PM
Olympia answers an age-old question with a song.
12:59 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
With help from his friends a sad Ruff-Ruff learns how to be a happy puppy again. Soon, Ruff-Ruff is Ruff-Ruff-ier than ever, barking happily, wagging his tail and showing them all why dogs make such great friends!
1:10 PM
Mr. Moon
Mr Moon and Silva want to do something special to show Sunny how much they appreciate her, so with the help of Gold Star, they make a Quark Show.
1:23 PM
Bing and Pando are playing outside in the cold, blowing steamy dragon breath at each other and discovering icicles hanging from the tap. Flop makes hot chocolate to warm everybody up but Bing can't wait for it to cool down before he can drink it and burns his fingers. Pando's quick thinking brings the icicle to the rescue.
1:30 PM
The crab loves to pinch each and everything. But the walrus family might be a challenge too big to handle.
1:35 PM
Grandma is throwing out an old rug, which gives Zou an idea. What if it's a magic carpet? However, he just can't get it to fly - until Grandpa comes up with a solution. Using an old slide projector, he manages to make it look as if the carpet is almost flying.
1:46 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
The whole class has gone on a school visit to the farm. Miffy most wants to see the horse, but Melanie seems to want to see everything BUT the horse - why?
1:53 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a cheeky Wheelie Bin and his two friends, Recycle Bin and Compost Bin. All the Bins on Henry's street have been put out for the Waste Collector to pick up but it's his day off! Henry becomes a Waste Collector and helps collect all the rubbish in his Lorry before it gets too stinky.
2:00 PM
Yeti Tales
The mice come into the bookstore and are impatient to hear their story. Yetili reads them a story about a snail that's also a knight.
2:08 PM
Rob the Robot
When Orbit accidentally paints himself pink with a colour blaster, the four friends travel to the Paint Planet to find a way to put him back to normal. The task of finding the right colour for Orbit becomes a bigger challenge than they expected when the Paint Planet's resident colour expert they're depending on to help them turns out to be colour blind!
2:20 PM
Zerby Derby
While out exploring, Zack, Rex and Axle come across a low bridge. Axle can drive under fine but Zack gets stuck. They call the Construction Zerbies to help make the bridge tall enough not just for Zack, but for Rex as well. After this is done its fine for Zack, but Rex still can't make it. They realize they also need to make space under the bridge wide enough for Rex as well.
2:28 PM
Lejo wants to do some tap dancing, but the pianist is not being very cooperative.
2:30 PM
Canada Crew
Bebe and Mo set sail to Newfoundland to find whales with the help of Captain Justin of O'Briens whale boat tours, while Gavin spots Orca whales off the coast of British Columbia.
2:37 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker shows you how to make a 'drip' picture, a card with ears and a bookend secret safe to keep your special bits and bobs in. Guess the answer to today's shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kid's make an enormous motorbike.
2:56 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave sing a special song at Speedy Sheep's birthday party. They choose a great tune, find words and moves to make the song really personal to her, and everyone joins in laa'ing and baa'ing!
3:08 PM
16 Hudson
When "Fix-it Sam" gets too big for his britches, it's his friendships that wind up needing the biggest fix.
3:16 PM
The lamb hops from one risky adventure into the next. The flock would never take that risk!
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
During a heat wave, Mr. Porter runs out of frozen food. Trouble is, the food delivery truck gets in an accident on its way town. Now the Paw Patrol must fix the truck and keep the food cold. Skye and Rubble harvest a giant hunk of ice to cool the food, but then Mayor Humdinger hijacks it and winds up riding the ice chunk all over town! --- When Alex lets Farmer Yumi's animals out of the barn to do animal-robics, they stampede into Adventure Bay, with Alex aboard Bettina! The Paw Patrol leaps into action to round up the animals and save Alex. But it won't be easy, especially with the citizens all gathered in town to watch the "Tour de Turbot", an epic potato sack race between Cap'n Turbot and his cousin, Francois!
3:44 PM
Ollie & Moon
When Ollie and Moon give Stanley an unbreakable pinata for his birthday, the friends focus so hard on solving the problem that they can't see it isn't actually a problem at all!
3:56 PM
What's the Big Idea?
Every kid becomes a grown up, even Hugo. One day, he'll have to find a job and he'll have his own house... maybe with his own family! But can grown-ups act like kids sometimes too?
4:02 PM
Odd Squad
When Mayor Macklemore catches a case of the Sing-A-Longs, Olive and Otto must discover the cause before the Mayor sings his way out of his job! --- When a Ms. O from the past shows up at the office, Otto, Olive, and Oscar must send her back to the day she came from or risk causing a time-tastrophe.
4:29 PM
The Tough Customers realize it's time to quit bullying and set out to find a new hobby - but can Molly ever truly change her ways? --- Brain starts a chess club at school to improve his game and beat Los Dedos, the local chess master. Who knew the best player in the club would be...Rattles?!?
4:57 PM
Creature Mania
Today on Creature Mania - get ready for some super shark action, meet a seal that thinks it's a leopard and discover the elusive Tuatara. We meet Lucinda and her dog Louis in Dog Tricks, and Olin and his dog in Pet and Tell. We have a laugh with Panda, Pony and the Two Bobs, and go nuts with a super cute squirrel.
5:24 PM
Wild Kratts
Martin and Chris are hanging out in China with their giant panda friend Stuffo, when they receive reports of Snowy owls showing up all over North America. Since these raptors live in the Arctic, it's up to the Wild Kratts to Solve the Mystery of the Snowy Owl Invasion!
5:52 PM
Dino Dana
When Dana sees a Kentrosaurus and a Stegosaurus fighting in her yard, she conducts a dino experiment to see why two dinosaurs in the same family would fight.
6:05 PM
Big Top Academy
When BTA United turns their back on Nicholas, Ella comes up with a new way to unite the team. And Phoenix, along with Chase and Max, figure out what's really going on with Nicholas.
6:30 PM
When I Grow Up!
Helping air traffic controllers keep planes safely in the air is a lofty career that Mikaela learns from Alyssa, an air traffic technologist. --- Mikaela helps Tamar, a tech educator, teach young kids how to develop apps that help in their everyday lives. Together they brainstorm how to use tech to deal with missed school work.