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6:37 AM

Ping and Friends

Ping is feeling blue on a rainy day.

6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
Ella, and the kids set out into the forest to earn their Trunk Trooper Badges. Troop leader Briggs reminds the kids they must stick to the path, but Ella and Belinda are so keen to earn their butterfly badge they wander off and get lost.
6:15 AM
When Anabella gives party balloons to her friends, they're a bit disappointed. Why don't our balloons float in the air like Anabella's? They set off to a balloon festival in NEW MEXICO to find out. There, they see big passenger balloons preparing to race, and learn that they need either helium or hot air to rise! The friends split into two teams and join the race. But when fuel runs out in the plane-balloon, Doki must put his new balloon knowledge to use, to rescue them. --- After retrieving Oto's glowing fishing rod from the bottom of Lake Weewannanoh, the Team wonders... is there any light at the bottom of the ocean? So they set off to dive in the MEDITERRANEAN SEA, near EGYPT, to find out! There, they discover that there IS some light under the sea - made by the sea creatures themselves. They meet glowing anglerfish and jellyfish, and a lantern shark even saves the day, when they need to illuminate the problem of tangled 'umbilical' cords on their diving suits.
6:37 AM
Ping and Friends
When Ping is feeling blue on a rainy day, raindrops make her find joy in riding in an umbrella and tapdance in the rain.
6:45 AM
Tee & Mo
Tee and Mo discover that the garden isn't big enough for a game of Spinny Disc, when the toy flies over the garden wall and wakes up Mr Og! Mo suggests they move the game to the park, but as Mo is preparing to go, the lure of throwing the Spinny Disc proves too strong for Tee to resist!
6:52 AM
Zerby Derby
Strut has constructed a tower out of sticks. Zack and Lily agree to help him move it, but if they make a mistake it will fall and break. Usually Zerbies try the first idea and just try, try again if it doesn't work. But this time they have to get it right on the first try.
6:59 AM
Odd Squad
Dr. O needs the help of her colleagues to make an antidote when she gets a case of the 'Sillies'.
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Goodway's big plans for Chicken day are nearly spoiled when the Chicken of Honor, Chickaletta, mysteriously disappears. It's up to Paw Patrol to find Chicklatta and save the clucking festivities.
7:29 AM
Wild Kratts
When Koki and Jimmy get walloped by mosquitoes in the Cypress Swamp, Aviva, Martin, and Chris go on a fact-­finding adventure to find out exactly why mosquitoes try to steal our blood in the first place!
7:56 AM
Abby Hatcher
When Bozzly gets hurt, Melvin steps in as Abby's sidekick. --- Princess Flug's Cousin Flugtilda comes to visit the hotel.
8:19 AM
Raven's Quest
Chyyah is an 8-year-old girl from the NuChaNulth Nation, in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Chyyah loves arts and crafts; she shows us some of the beautiful projects she's made. She participates in a school assembly where all the kids learn about their culture and honour the salmon, an important food for her community.
8:26 AM
Splash and Bubbles
When Splash and the others want to play with Dorsal, he tells them that first he needs to do his "job," which that day is using his echolocation to help his group find food. Splash and the others wonder if they need "jobs" to do in Reeftown and try to figure out what those would be.
8:39 AM
Space Racers
Pluto has been demoted and reclassified as a dwarf planet, but Vulture has big plans for it: "Vulture World," a grand amusement park filled with Vulture-themed rides and attractions. But first they'll need to terraform Pluto and make it more like Earth up there, by adding heat, water, oxygen and dirt. He dispatches Eagle, Robyn, Hawk and Raven to travel there and get to work on it. All is going as planned... until they hit an unexpected obstacle: the discovery of water! The #1 rule of space exploration: If there's any chance of life developing on a planet, or even a dwarf planet, they must leave it alone and return to Earth. Vulture is furious, and not to be denied. So he and Dodo fly to Pluto themselves to continue the cadets' work. But when Dodo accidentally terraforms Vulture's head, causing a flower to sprout there, all activity must cease - for good this time. Aaargh!!
8:51 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Paige imagines what it would be like to be a Marine Biologist and learn all about the oceans. She would swim in the ocean with all the different fish and mammals that live there, studying their behavior. She would explore coral reefs and kelp forests. She would swim with clown fish, sharks and even giant blue whales. Paige would always have her underwater camera with her to take photos. Say cheese Mr. Shark. Snap!
8:57 AM
Paw Patrol
The Paw Patrol is on a big excavation dig in the jungle with Cap'n Turbot looking for dinosaur fossils when they unearth 3 fossilized eggs. Before they know what's happening the eggs start to hatch and there are three baby pterodactyls running around Adventure Bay! It's all paws on board for this rescue as Ryder sends the pups to catch the dinos. Just as they're doing that Mayor Goodway and Mr. Porter call to report a Utahraptor is destroying Mr. Porters restaurant, and eating everything in sight! And as soon as they get this news, another call comes in, there's a Triceratop on the railway tracks!! Paw Patrol is on a Roll. Rubble befriends and coaxes the baby Triceratop off the tracks and even gets that dino to help rescue one of the baby pterodactyls. As Chase, Skye and Marshall collect the other two hatchlings, Rocky rigs his peanut dispenser to deploy liver sausages luring the hungry Utahraptor home to the jungle. Soon all the prehistoric creatures are back where they should be, just in time for Rubble to wake from his most vivid dream ever.
9:20 AM
The Shutterbugs try to help a young firefly who's lost his ability to shine.
9:32 AM
Box Yourself Minis
Øistein makes a lion from a milk carton and some paper plates.
9:35 AM
The lion needs to get in shape. The gazelle doesn't think he can do it.
9:40 AM
Rob the Robot
Wanting to top off their Help Giving Day feast with a traditional special dessert, the gang head to the Dessert Planet. However they discover there is only one dessert left on the whole planet and a seemingly greedy alien robot tricks them out of it. As they head back to their rocket empty handed, they discover the alien robot's stranded rocket and his hungry baby. So demonstrating the true meaning of Help Giving Day, they fix the alien's ship and bring their feast to share with him and his baby. In return, the alien shares the special dessert with them.
9:52 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty takes Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave to the big Countryside Swap, to swap things they no longer want or need. Hatty explains the golden rule of swapping is 'once it's gone it's gone,' but Dave insists that he's too old for his cuddly blanket and wants to swap it. But as soon as he's made the swap, he regrets the trade and wants it back! Can they trace the chain of swaps back to the new owner and persuade them to swap for something else?
10:04 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy finds it's harder than you think to find the perfect spot for a picnic - particularly when everyone has different ideas about what that means.
10:11 AM
Tee & Mo
Tee wakes up in a grumpy mood. He's even too grumpy for breakfast! It's up to Mo to put a smile on Tee's face but this proves more difficult than she thought - every time she gets him close to smiling, he slips back into the grumps again. How is Mo going to cheer Tee up and get him to eat breakfast?
10:18 AM
Sula and Bing tag their favourite things around the house with heart shaped stickies. Sometimes they have different favourites and sometimes their favourite things are the same. But when Sula tags Hoppity Voosh Bing is upset because Hoppity is his most favourite of favourites and he's not sure he wants to share him.
10:25 AM
Are You Ready?
Our friend shows us how she blows her nose into a tissue.
10:28 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Nonna's pipes need repairing and Salty, being a loyal brother, pledges to fix them for her. Salty's plumbing skills, however, are not up to much and things are soon erupting in a cartastrophic way. Stubborn Salty finally relents and lets Hatsie, a real plumbing expert, fix the problem!
10:35 AM
Zou helps Uncle Zavier with a big delivery but somethings not quite right. Mr. Zoey's shop as well. It turns out that two store deliveries have been mixed up and taken to the wrong addresses.
10:47 AM
Zou decides he'd like to be a crossing guard and Grandpa helps him make a sign of his own. He then directs ,traffic, around the house with his new sign but creates such havoc that it is decided that he might be better directing ,traffic, down at the beach.
10:59 AM
Ping and Friends
Trying to make Matilda sleep, Ping and Pong compose a Lullabye with the help of some sheep.
11:06 AM
Zerby Derby
The Construction Zerbies decide to build a water trench right through the middle of town. The problem is, while they are building it, Zerbies still need to drive past. They need to come up with a way that Zerbies can get across the ditch they are digging while the construction Zerbies continue to work. They start by making a bridge out of dirt. This works great for Zerbies who want to cross the ditch, but it makes it hard for the construction Zerbies to drive back and forth. Next they try making a bridge out of logs. The idea is for the Construction Zerbies to go under the bridge, but the ditch isn't deep enough yet for that to work. Strut picks up one end of the bridge so Fill can get to Rex and they realize the solution. --- Fran and Zack depart from a beach on Zerby Town Lake to pick up Rex, who has a giant log to take back to the other shore. But when Fran drives back with Zack, Rex and the log, she runs aground in the shallow water. Bob the Boat tries to push and Strut the Crane tries to pull, but Fran is stuck. They realize it's because Fran is carrying more weight, so she is sitting lower in the water. Zack solves the problem by jumping into the water with his life-jacket and swimming to shore. --- While moving their garages around, Zack can't find anywhere to put his garage near Axle's. They decide Zack's garage should go on top of Axle's. This creates problems when they realize finding a solution for getting in and out of the second story garage isn't going to be easy. Zack falls out of his garage as soon as Strut puts it down. Then he can't get back up. They call Fill the Front-Loader to build a ramp up to Zack's garage. The ramp works perfectly, except it goes in front of Axle's garage door and Axle can't get out. They remove the ramp and try, try again. Axle realizes that if they turn Zack's garage sideways then Zack can have a ramp up the side of Axle's garage, and Axle can still get in and out.
11:27 AM
I'm a Fish
In the warm shallow waters of the West Coast of America we meet the Halibut and he shows us that they have both eyes on the camouflaged side of the body, the better to see above while they hide in the sand.
11:29 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit the power plant where expert Cheryl turns a hand crank on a generator to light a light bulb. Then she shows how turbines, wind and water are used to generate electricity.
11:37 AM
Dino Dana
Dana is back on Grandma's farm just in time for "Dino Experiment 625: What does it feel like to ride a Hippodraco?" Saara's love of horses and Grandma's guidance help Dana get closer to living her dream of riding the "Horse Dragon".
11:48 AM
Bitz and Bob
There is an amazing seahorse Merry Go Round on the beach and everyone is having lots of fun going round and round, except Bevel. When he runs away from the ride, Bob finds him, only for Bevel to admit he's nervous about going in circles. Everyone joins in to help him overcome his fear and soon he's sitting on his seahorse, Blue Yah excited about his first turn on a Merry Go Round. But now the key to wind it up is broken, so Bitz needs to work out how to get it started using wind power
11:59 AM
You Can Do It Too
We're finding out how engineers use the power of the wind. You can make your own spinney paper windmills from card and straws at home. Pop your windmills on top of a home-made merry go round and watch them spin when you blow. It's wind power!
12:04 PM
Paw Patrol
It's the Adventure Bay Jamboree Jamfest and Mayor Goodway has her heart set on wearing the much-coveted 'jambrero'. However, her plans are spoiled when all the fruit in Farmer Yumi's orchard is carried off by ants. It's time to call for the Paw Patrol, who blow away the ants... unfortunately to downtown! The ants swarm the Jamfest and the Paw Patrol must lure them away with their own super-sweet Lickity Lemon jam to a special home built just for the insects!
12:16 PM
Curious to find out what Mom's doing with her card and envelope, the Floogals fly their fizzers to follow her as she posts a letter. Flo gets trapped in the mail box when her fizzer runs out of battery and the Floogals have to work out a way to get the fizzer back to the house. An envelope and stamp can come in very handy!
12:29 PM
Dinosaur Train
The Pteranodon Family decides to take a little vacation and swap nests with Larry's friends: a family of pterosaurs (Nemicolopterus, to be exact). But when the Pteranodon Family arrives at the Nemicolopterus nest, they realize that the Nemicolopterus Family is MUCH smaller than them, so everything is smaller: the Pteranodon Family doesn't even fit in their nest! Can the family make do, try something new, and still have a good time? --- Tank Triceratops is really excited to show Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don his favourite picnic spot, but when they arrive, the spot is overrun with a whole herd of Triceratops. Tank and the kids try to find another place with a little more privacy (and a lot less Triceratopses), but no matter where they go, the herd follows them. Will Tank be able to find a quiet spot without the herd, or does the herd have a good reason for following Tank around?
12:55 PM
Intercept a secret message! Eric cracks the code to decrypting the ancient cipher box used by Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar over 2000 years ago! It's not magic... it's math!
1:00 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
It's Super-Tweet to the rescue to save some friends in need! But by the time Tweet's sung her super chant and performed her special dance to make her feel 'super' enough, her helpers Ruff-Ruff and Dave have already saved the day! It's only when Tweet stops worrying and flies to the rescue of Littlest Bunny that she gets to show just how Super she really is!
1:11 PM
Mr. Moon
Big Bea and Bump have created a wonderful new dance that they want to teach everyone. But when repeated demonstrations fail, Sunny breaks the dance down into simple steps so everyone can join in.
1:23 PM
Bing wants Flop to read him his favourite book as he has his bath but Bing joins in with the story too enthusiastically and his splashy vooshes Flop suggests they finish the story in bed as 'books don't like baths'. Bing is heartbroken when the book falls into the bath as he gets into his pyjamas, until Flop helps him to understand that even though the book is wet the story isn't.
1:32 PM
There's a street party outside and Zou can't wait for it to begin. When it does, he discovers that the rest of the family need help getting things ready for the party. In his rush to help, he ends up causing trouble - but fixes his mistakes in the end.
1:44 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
When Grunty's freshly baked tart vanishes mysteriously, Grunty and Miffy turn detectives and track it down. They'll need to use ALL of their senses to find the clues they need!
1:51 PM
Are You Ready?
Our friend shows us how she brushes her hair all by herself.
1:53 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a colourful rainbow. Rainbow tells Henry about the pot of gold at the end of her rainbow but only a Leprechaun can find it. Henry becomes a Leprechaun and slides down the rainbow until he lands in a big pot of gold that turns out to be yummy chocolate coins he shares with everyone.
1:59 PM
Yeti Tales
Nina and Leon hide when Yetili looks for them, ready to tell them a story.
2:07 PM
Rob the Robot
When Rob and the gang decide Ema's pet fish is lonely, they head off to the Ocean Planet to try to find it a new friend. As they explore the amazing underwater world and encounter all sorts of incredible sea life, they learn about matching patterns - exactly what they need to help them achieve their mission and confirm that making friends is a lot of fun!
2:19 PM
Zerby Derby
Zack and Lily want to climb a hill of scree - loose rocks and dirt. But every time they do, the rocks fall and block Axle's garage door. Time to try, try again and find a solution that rocks but not rolls.
2:26 PM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie is so excited to play ,Guess Frank's Sound,!
2:30 PM
Canada Crew
Bebe and Mo go on their tablet to learn about all the different foods grown across Canada, and visit Chef Susur Lee at his restaurant Lee to learn how to make a delicious salad, while Gavin visits New Brunswick to learn how to harvest cranberries.
2:37 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker makes porthole pictures out of paper plates, transforms a plastic lid and some clay into a photo frame that looks just like him! And find out how to make a brilliant bookmark in a minute. Guess the answer to today's shape puzzle and watch 'The Mister Maker Kids' build a gigantic snake!
2:56 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave search for eight different sounding bells to help Dave 'ring' and 'sing' his special friendship song: "Dave's best friends are Ruff-Ruff and Tweet. Bananas are yummy to eat!" They listen carefully to the sounds of big and small bells and work out the correct order to play them in to match the rising and falling scale of Dave's song.
3:08 PM
16 Hudson
Lili wants to make sure she gets the best return for her first tooth, but after the tooth goes missing with no reward, they must find out why!
3:15 PM
Olympia takes viewers into the Odd Squad Ball Pit.
3:17 PM
Lejo tries to reach the other side, but there is a hole in the way. After some attempts he succeeds in a very smart way.
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
When Mayor Humdinger leaves his kittens to be kitty-sat at Katie's, the mischievous little felines wind up getting stuck in a batch of poufy shampoo and are blow-dried into dandelion-like balls of fur. Now poor Rubble and the Paw Patrol have to round up the kitties up before they're blown away. --- Marshall dreams that a shrink ray miniaturizes himself and his fire engine. The teeny-tiny pup goes on a big adventure in his own backyard. Ryder and the pups have to be very careful to rescue little Marshall without stepping on him.
3:44 PM
Ollie & Moon
To celebrate Earth Day, Ollie wants to plant a tree in their garden so the gang goes to Sweden to get the perfect baby fir.
3:57 PM
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo always has something to think about, whether it's something important like remembering mum's birthday or scoring a great goal. But is there ever a time when he's not thinking?
4:03 PM
Odd Squad
When dinosaurs break out of the dinosaur room in headquarters and wreak havoc, Olive and Otto travel back in time to stop it from ever happening.
4:30 PM
There's a new kid in town: Ladonna Compson with the gift of gab. Ladonna charms Arthur and friends with her amazing "true" stories. But are her stories really fact...or fiction?
4:58 PM
Big Top Academy
Nicholas is forced to confront his fear of heights while Rosa feels pressured to go back to Circo Gran Malabar. Meanwhile, Celeste forgets Ella's birthday.
5:22 PM
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts and Wild Kratts kids go on an underwater adventure to discover how pond animals survive in the winter. Science Concept: Survival strategies in winter
5:50 PM
Dino Dana
Dana is trying to stay up all night to figure out if any dinosaurs were nocturnal, meanwhile, her Mom just wants her to go to sleep.
6:03 PM
Creature Mania
Today on Creature Mania, we've got leaping lemurs, dazzling glassfish and some terrific turtles. We meet Madeleine and her dog Monty in Dog Tricks, and Lucy and her Chug in Pet and Tell. We have a laugh with Panda, Pony and the Two Bobs, and check out some adorable Rhea babies.
6:30 PM
When I Grow Up!
Mikeala heads into the woods to help forest manager Kerry. Together they care for the growth and health of the forest around them. --- Turning wastewater into clean water requires a creative use of science that Mikaela learns from Brandon, a city water technician.