The Agenda in the Summer

Published On: July 19, 2019
Fifty years ago, the Ontario Science Centre opened in Toronto. speaks with the architect about his hands-on approach, the stress of the job, and how to keep buildings alive. 
Published On: July 18, 2019
Shifting between memoir and fantasy, childhood stories and adult grief, the Saskatchewan author tells the story of his older brother, whose life was cut short by a drunk driver.
Published On: July 11, 2019
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein talks to The Agenda in the Summer about her identity as a queer Black woman, the importance of mentorship, and why advocacy is a vital component of her work.
Published On: July 08, 2019
On a cross-country road trip, the food writer explores the world of small-town “fake Chinese” food — and what it reveals about culture, history, and the legacies of family.
Published On: July 05, 2019
Award-winning novelist Esi Edugyan talks about her book, "Washington Black."
Published On: July 05, 2019
In "Brian Jungen: Friendship Centre," a new exhibition at the AGO, sports gear becomes the material for thought-provoking art.
Published On: July 04, 2019
In his latest globe-trotting book, the author and activist explains how thoughtful travel can teach you about the world — and yourself.
Published On: July 03, 2019
In his new book, the political theorist lays out the ingredients of an informed decision-making process — and a healthy democracy
Published On: July 02, 2019
 “The Agenda in the Summer” host Nam Kiwanuka shares her fiction and non-fiction favourites from this season.
Published On: July 01, 2019
Dave Williams, an ER doctor and former astronaut, discusses his book, "Defying Limits: Lessons from the Edge of the Universe."
Published On: August 31, 2018
In her memoir, 'Apron Strings,' Jan Wong reflects on time spent travelling and cooking with her youngest son. 
Published On: August 30, 2018
Jackie Kai Ellis, author and owner of famed Beaucoup Bakery, talks to Nam Kiwanuka about how she found healing through baking.
Published On: August 30, 2018
In her first book, the Vancouver bakery owner describes how exploring food — and the world — helped her cope with depression.
Published On: August 29, 2018
Martin Amis and Nam Kiwanuka continue their conversation about politics, pop culture and writing.
Published On: August 28, 2018
Iconic writer Martin Amis joins The Agenda in the Summer for a discussion about the breadth of interests that have informed his work over the years.
Published On: August 27, 2018
The Agenda in the Summer discusses how some Ontario cities are reinventing themselves and attracting new industry.
Published On: August 27, 2018
ANALYSIS: Municipalities across Ontario want to attract them — but university and college campuses are not a cure-all for ailing downtowns, writes Norma Zminkowska.
Published On: August 24, 2018
Acclaimed Canadian musician Tom Wilson talks to Nam Kiwanuka about his early life in Hamilton and how he learned of his Mohawk heritage.