Christine Elliott and Doug Ford from the article How to end hallway medicine, Part 3: Doug Ford’s plan is a start, but it’s not the solution
ANALYSIS: The premier has promised to create 15,000 new long-term-care beds to ease the strain on Ontario’s overcrowded hospitals. But it will take more than that to solve our health-care crisis.  
an elderly woman with a walker in a care home from the article How to end hallway medicine, Part 2: Solving the long-term-care crunch
ANALYSIS: Every day, thousands of Ontarians occupy beds they don’t need because the beds they do need are already occupied by other patients — and the problem is most acute when it comes to long-term care.  
Steve Clark from the article Can the Tories rebuild their relationship with municipalities?
OPINION: A year of rapid, large-scale policy changes from Queen’s Park has many local officials feeling the strain. Here’s how the Tories could start mending fences.
a bed in a hospital hallway from the article How to end hallway medicine, Part 1: Understanding the crisis
ANALYSIS: Ontario hospitals don’t have enough beds, and patients often end up on stretchers in hallways — sometimes for days. So who’s to blame?

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Published On: July 29, 2019
The former Ontario cabinet minister died last week at the age of 54. On Sunday, family and friends gathered to celebrate his legacy.  
Published On: July 26, 2019
OPINION: The Tories may have been their own worst enemy for the first part of this year, but Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet have enemies outside their own caucus — including the federal Liberals.  
Published On: July 24, 2019
OPINION: Queen’s Park has cut ties with Dean French. French has dropped his lawsuit against a former Tory MPP. Things are going better for the government — but will Ford be able to keep it that way?  
Published On: July 23, 2019
ANALYSIS: Policy-makers at Toronto city council and Queen’s Park are looking to change rules that have protected residential neighbourhoods for decades. Are we finally ready for gentle density?
Published On: July 17, 2019
The Agenda examines the cuts to Bombardier's Thunder Bay production plant and the effects of job losses on the city and region.
Published On: July 15, 2019
The company has announced layoffs, and there’s no work scheduled at the plant beyond 2019. Here’s how the move could affect Thunder Bay and the workers who live there.
Published On: July 12, 2019
ANALYSIS: The city has launched a governance review in response to last year’s cut to council. According to a new research paper, it should take a serious look at how it deals with business improvement areas and neighbourhood associations  
Published On: July 12, 2019
OPINION: Every government talks a big game about reducing interprovincial trade barriers. The Alberta premier is reminding everyone that it’s possible to walk the walk.  
Published On: July 10, 2019
The Agenda discusses how to address the problem of too few women in leadership jobs in Canada.
Published On: July 10, 2019
In her introductory essay, editor Sylvia Bashevkin considers how Canada ranks when it comes to supporting women in political leadership.
Published On: July 09, 2019
OPINION: The government announced Monday that the sprawling 50-acre Ontario Food Terminal will stay put in south Etobicoke. Here’s why that was a smart move.
Published On: July 08, 2019
They’ve greased the wheels of our political machine forever — and yet we still can’t seem to get patronage appointments right.
Published On: July 08, 2019
He’s never held elected office — but he’d like to be Ontario’s next premier. speaks with the youngest Liberal seeking the party’s leadership.  
Published On: July 05, 2019
ANALYSIS: The Ontario premier’s falling numbers have made federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s once-clear path to victory in 2019 much rockier. But what can either man do about it?
Published On: July 03, 2019
Political theorist David Moscrop talks about his book, "Too Dumb For Democracy?: Why We Make Bad Political Decisions and How We Can Make Better Ones."
Published On: July 03, 2019
In his new book, the political theorist lays out the ingredients of an informed decision-making process — and a healthy democracy
Published On: July 02, 2019
Revisiting some earlier episodes of our Ontario politics podcast.
Published On: July 02, 2019
OPINION: Families making more than $100,000 a year are struggling to afford homes in Ontario’s capital — and that’s a problem for all of us.