Published On: March 23, 2020
OPINION: Trudeau may invoke the Emergencies Act. Or he may not. It doesn’t matter: the real work is being done by the provinces.
Published On: March 20, 2020
OPINION: MPPs showed up for work this week for a brief but important meeting of the legislature — and showed what politicians can accomplish in a crisis.
Published On: March 19, 2020
OPINION: Pre-coronavirus, many objected to the Tories' emphasis on e-learning. The pandemic could change all that.
Published On: March 16, 2020
OPINION: The provincial government is taking the measured advice of professionals and being careful not to panic. That’s good — but it may not be enough.
Published On: March 09, 2020
OPINION: New Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca is a known quantity. Here’s what we know about his baggage.  
Published On: March 06, 2020
Raising taxes is likely a hard sell in the PC caucus. But events from this past week should have the government considering new tax measures for the GTA’s housing market. 
Published On: March 04, 2020
OPINION: The province struggled to keep up with health-care demands during normal times — and these are not normal times
Published On: February 25, 2020
The future is coming for us all — and the province needs to figure out how we’re going to power it.
Published On: February 21, 2020
OPINION: Thanks to their licence-plate bungling, the Tories have had a rough week. But it's worth looking at some recent policy moves that haven't gone wrong.  
Published On: February 19, 2020
OPINION: The Tories love to rail against the Liberal record on “corporate welfare.” But are they any better?
Published On: February 18, 2020
OPINION: I was initially disgusted by the concept behind Toronto Pearson’s “Kensington Market Street Food.” But then I ate easily the best meal I’ve ever eaten in an airport.  
Published On: February 14, 2020
Labour was crushed in the last election. A new report lays out why — and it should give politicians in this province lots to think about.
Published On: February 11, 2020
OPINION: Agriculture may be the most visible form of industry in rural parts of the province, but it hasn’t been the primary employer there for decades. Do we need to rethink our approach to subsidies?
Published On: February 07, 2020
OPINION: The Progressive Conservatives have announced they’re ready to introduce a new bill and regulations to speed up transit planning. They may not be ready for the backlash.
Published On: February 06, 2020
When it comes to teachers, the Tories are being smarter than you’d expect Dek: OPINION: During its first year in office, the Ford government advanced unpopular proposals and then backpedalled. It’s gotten more cautious — and a whole lot shrewder Cutline: Striking teachers from Kew Beach Junior Public School, in Toronto, on January 20.   
Published On: February 05, 2020
The GTA has a housing crisis, but residents are often opposed to things like new semi-detached homes. That’s something the Tories will have to reckon with.
Published On: January 29, 2020
OPINION: Stigma against people with mental illness remains a problem in our health-care system. Advances in digital and social media may be part of the solution.
Published On: January 28, 2020
It’s been a decade since Rob Ford thundered into the mayor’s office with his mantra of “subways, subways, subways.” In all that time, we still haven’t figured out what  subways are for.