Steve Paikin


Steve Paikin is the anchor of TVO's flagship current affairs program, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. A native of Hamilton, Ont., Steve received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto (Victoria University, 1981) and his master's degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University.

Steve Paikin's articles

Published On: Mar 24,2020
All of Canada’s first ministers have received plaudits for their leadership in this crisis. Should they start sharing the spotlight?
Published On: Mar 23,2020
In normal times, rules are there for a reason, and they should certainly be followed. But these are not normal times
Published On: Mar 19,2020
Don't look now, but Ontario's premier is starting to impress.
Published On: Mar 16,2020
The former attorney general was a superstar at Queen’s Park — but his career started with a shocking defeat 47 years ago yesterday.
Published On: Mar 09,2020
Lost in the hubbub of Steven Del Duca’s win is the fact that he’s the first Italian-Canadian to become an Ontario party leader. 
Published On: Mar 03,2020
It may be a dream come true for many, but few are asking whether the demand for a francophone university really exists.
Published On: Mar 02,2020
The dispute between the Ontario government and the teachers’ unions is about who speaks for Ontario’s education system. The answer should be clear
Published On: Feb 18,2020
If you’re riding the trains or streetcars in Toronto, remember the folks in the northwest who made it possible.
Published On: Feb 11,2020
ANALYSIS: New Democrat MPPs are about to head off on a retreat — and you have to think their party’s third-place standing will be top of mind.
Published On: Feb 10,2020
Last week, political veterans met with newbie senators behind closed doors. Here’s what they had to say about navigating a minority government.  
Published On: Feb 07,2020
Far from home, you can still run into people with vivid memories of Ontario political history  
Published On: Jan 28,2020
Last week marked the final B’Nai Brith Sports Celebrity Dinner. For almost seven decades, it celebrated greatness — and created unforgettable memories.
Published On: Jan 22,2020
At an event this week, three of Canada’s most prominent former MPs peeled back the curtain on the realities of being a woman in politics.
Published On: Jan 21,2020
ANALYSIS: Debates about debates are a great Canadian pastime. So let’s talk about who should be up on that stage and who shouldn’t.
Published On: Jan 20,2020
ANALYSIS: Last week, members of the debate commission and an advisory committee met to discuss how the federal English-language debate went. The verdict? Not very well.  
Published On: Jan 06,2020
ANALYSIS: The federal Conservatives are a unique coalition of disparate interest groups. Which candidate can bring them all together?
Published On: Dec 19,2019
By delaying its leadership contest, the party could have had a bigger — and better — field of candidates
Published On: Dec 13,2019
With the Conservative leader’s resignation, the party’s focus shifts to his replacement