Steve Paikin


Steve Paikin is the anchor of TVO's flagship current affairs program, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. A native of Hamilton, Ont., Steve received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto (Victoria University, 1981) and his master's degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University.

Steve Paikin's articles

Published On: Oct 15,2019
The federal election is less than a week away, and the NDP leader has unexpectedly found himself in the driver’s seat.
Published On: Oct 07,2019
Pollsters are saying this election could be a close one. So what happens if no party wins a majority of seats? Here’s a civics lesson.  
Published On: Oct 03,2019
He served as the MPP for London North for only two years. But Marvin Shore left an indelible mark on the province — and on me.
Published On: Oct 01,2019
Three years ago, Roberto Martella suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. Last week, he staged a concert for his health-care team  
Published On: Sep 18,2019
Fifty years ago today, a kind-hearted Anglican priest sent the province’s political establishment reeling
Published On: Sep 16,2019
He was persona non grata after leaving office in 2013. Now, Ontario Liberals need him to help bring their party back to life.  
Published On: Sep 09,2019
A birthday bash for one of Ontario’s most legendary premiers reminded me that politics wasn’t always so awful. Can we ever return to civility?
Published On: Sep 03,2019
With a new chief of staff in place, Doug Ford has signalled that he wants to change the narrative surrounding his government.
Published On: Aug 23,2019
Six generations back, the Doans and the Willsons fell out over religion. But this summer, they buried the hatchet  
Published On: Aug 21,2019
Last week, I met a family of Trump supporters on Manitoulin Island. What they had to say was fascinating.  
Published On: Aug 12,2019
You might not have heard of her, but you’ve heard her songs. It’s time that we honoured one of our best songwriters.
Published On: Aug 02,2019
Steve Paikin weighs in on an issue he's been stewing about.
Published On: Jul 31,2019
She blazed trails for women in both politics and medicine — and struck fear into the hearts of reporters and opponents alike.
Published On: Jul 30,2019
Ontarians picked him as their 18th premier when he was just 41 years old. Today, he turns 90 — and he’s still going strong.
Published On: Jul 29,2019
The former Ontario cabinet minister died last week at the age of 54. On Sunday, family and friends gathered to celebrate his legacy.  
Published On: Jul 08,2019
They’ve greased the wheels of our political machine forever — and yet we still can’t seem to get patronage appointments right.
Published On: Jun 24,2019
Dean French’s departure and the most dramatic cabinet shuffle in Ontario history suggest that the Tories are looking for a new way to do business
Published On: Jun 20,2019
The premier’s second cabinet shuffle was one of historic proportions — but will it actually address the problems that Ford’s government is facing?