Nam Kiwanuka


Nam Kiwanuka is a multi-platform journalist and the new host of The Agenda in the Summer. She has hosted magazine shows for the NBA and CFL and was a MuchMusic VJ. She has worked with CNN and BET and was a columnist for the BBC’s Focus on Africa magazine. 

Nam Kiwanuka's articles

Published On: Mar 23,2020
OPINION: I’ve never been as scared and worried as I am now. But I’m learning that our children are more resilient than we give them credit for are more resilient than we give them credit for.
Published On: Sep 25,2019
OPINION: Writing about race and privilege means thinking carefully about complicated, essential things — and then sharing them with a whole lot of people unwilling to listen.  
Published On: Jul 23,2019
Journalist Hodan Nalayeh was killed in a terrorist attack in Somalia last week. But the circumstances of her death should not be her legacy.  
Published On: Jul 02,2019
 “The Agenda in the Summer” host Nam Kiwanuka shares her fiction and non-fiction favourites from this season.
Published On: Aug 07,2018
The city is increasingly unaffordable and the child-poverty capital of the country — here’s why it could still be on the verge of greatness.
Published On: Jul 27,2018
OPINION: Nam Kiwanuka on what gets lost when we talk about the so-called migrant crisis.
Published On: Jul 06,2018
The Agenda in the Summer host Nam Kiwanuka reflects on Aida Edemariam’s The Wife's Tale, a biography of the author's grandmother.
Published On: Jul 05,2018
The Agenda in the Summer host Nam Kiwanuka shares her top literary and non-fiction picks.
Published On: Jan 16,2018
OPINION: Donald Trump disparages African nations, but we use their talent and resources every day, writes Nam Kiwanuka.
Published On: Nov 24,2017
In A Better Man, a woman sits down with her abuser years later — but how can you find resolution when your abuser won’t take responsibility?
Published On: Aug 03,2017
Nam Kiwanuka writes about how Black girls and women the world over have had negative experiences with their natural hair.
Published On: Jul 26,2017
Nam Kiwanuka discusses why Mohsin Hamid's novel, 'Exit West,' resonates with her.
Published On: Jul 14,2017
The Agenda in the Summer host chooses books that have left an impression on her this year
Published On: Jul 05,2017
Michele Geister translated her passion for hip hop into a TV show that broke new talent and set the stage for Canadian acts to dominate the international market.
Published On: Mar 10,2017
Breaking up with the city you love is hard to do — but as Toronto becomes increasingly unaffordable, many residents simply don't have a choice.
Published On: Feb 14,2017
Camille and Roger Dundas of have been celebrating the history of Black communities in Ontario. Now they want to go bigger.
Published On: Jan 19,2017
We know so much about American history, but we barely recognize the names of Canadian civil rights leaders. Here's the story of one.
Published On: Jan 13,2017
History has finally discovered three Black women who laid the mathematical groundwork for John Glenn to orbit the earth — but many groups are still underrepresented in scientific fields. Meet some Ontario organizations trying to change that.