Matt Gurney


Matt Gurney also writes for the National Post from Toronto.

Matt Gurney's articles

Published On: Mar 19,2020
OPINION: Pre-coronavirus, many objected to the Tories' emphasis on e-learning. The pandemic could change all that.
Published On: Mar 04,2020
OPINION: The province struggled to keep up with health-care demands during normal times — and these are not normal times
Published On: Feb 25,2020
In an exclusive interview, a judicial official talks to about secessionism and whether Indigenous peoples should really be considered “conquered.”
Published On: Feb 24,2020 speaks with retired Ontario Provincial Police officer Andy Miller about his work with First Nations, political interference, and why all of us need to do better.
Published On: Feb 21,2020 speaks with a former chief federal negotiator about earning goodwill, “outrageous expectations,” and why First Nations currently have leverage.  
Published On: Feb 20,2020 speaks with law professor Dwight Newman about how colonialism has suppressed Indigenous law — and why progress means having tough conversations.
Published On: Feb 19,2020 speaks with law professor Signa Daum Shanks about different views of leadership, keeping promises — and why colonialism doesn’t want Indigenous people to disagree with one another.
Published On: Feb 06,2020
When it comes to teachers, the Tories are being smarter than you’d expect Dek: OPINION: During its first year in office, the Ford government advanced unpopular proposals and then backpedalled. It’s gotten more cautious — and a whole lot shrewder Cutline: Striking teachers from Kew Beach Junior Public School, in Toronto, on January 20.   
Published On: Jan 31,2020
Bonnie Henry was an associate medical officer of health for Toronto in 2003. She tells about the day SARS came to the city — and how the virus changed the system.
Published On: Jan 30,2020
Seventeen years ago, Frank Plummer ran the National Microbiology Laboratory. He tells how Canada responded to a virus that no one had ever seen before.
Published On: Jan 29,2020
In 2003, nurses were on the front lines of the SARS crisis. Today, the president of the Ontario Nurses' Association tells about what they faced then — and what they can teach us now
Published On: Jan 22,2020
OPINION: So far, the unions have been pretty smart about all this. But public opinion could still easily turn against them  
Published On: Jan 15,2020
OPINION: Alerts may have to be issued by frightened people via disrupted communication networks — so the system has to be simple. But it also has to be idiot-proof.
Published On: Jan 09,2020
ANALYSIS: Fewer young Canadians are playing the sport. Here’s what we can do to turn things around.
Published On: Jan 08,2020
ANALYSIS: Those in the hockey world may think it’s thriving. But outside the community, the sport is on the decline.  
Published On: Jan 07,2020
ANALYSIS: The sport is on the wane in Toronto, and the city intends to close arenas in the coming decades. What happened to Canada’s game?
Published On: Dec 12,2019
ANALYSIS: Providing proper support for Ontarians who need in-patient care will mean creating housing and home-care options. Is this government willing to act?
Published On: Dec 10,2019
ANALYSIS: The province will cover the cost of your appointment with a psychiatrist. But what happens when you have to wait a year or travel for hours to see one?