Diane Peters


Diane Peters is a writer and editor. She teaches at Ryerson University.

Diane Peters' articles

Published On: Nov 20,2019
For those who live in a smaller communities, a car can seem like a necessity. A growing number of smaller centres across the province is trying to change that.
Published On: Oct 08,2019
A growing number of businesses in the province are doing away with oh-so-easy disposable packaging — and trying to promote a waste-free culture.
Published On: Jul 29,2019
Across the province, turtle populations are threatened by car accidents and habitat loss. The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre is working to save them — and it wants you to help save them, too.
Published On: May 09,2019
ANALYSIS: The province will be home to millions more people in the decades ahead — but many existing residents don’t want new neighbours. Here’s why it can be good thing when strangers move in on your block.
Published On: Apr 01,2019
The assumption used to be one home, one family. But as the population ages and home prices skyrocket, more Ontarians are considering the benefits of co-living.
Published On: Feb 25,2019
Co-ops could be one solution to the province’s affordable-housing problem. Diane Peters explains why you may start seeing more of them.
Published On: Jan 30,2019
The right kind of infrastructure can keep older adults healthier and happier longer — and cities and towns are starting to make it a priority.
Published On: Jan 21,2019
Under provincial rules, you can’t construct a wood-frame building more than six storeys tall — but new technologies and initiatives could change all that.
Published On: Nov 28,2018
ANALYSIS: Municipalities have taken a “tall or sprawl” approach to development, writes Diane Peters. But experts want them to focus on the so-called missing middle.
Published On: Oct 25,2018
Now the property of the town, the David Dunlap Observatory — home to Canada's largest telescope — is a hidden gem in the GTA.
Published On: Aug 23,2018
Globs of waste stuck together with fat, oil, and grease have been wreaking havoc on sewer systems around the world — so an Ontario man came up with a way to prevent them from forming.
Published On: May 02,2018
ANALYSIS: Information technology is consuming ever more power — but while energy-saving strategies exist, they won’t work unless we change our ways, writes Diane Peters.